Frequently Asked Questions

Pool fence panels typically come standard at 5 feet width. Our panels are still available in most incremental sizes.

Our panels come in heights of 4 or 5 feet. Orders can be customized in accordance to local safety codes.

All of our glass fencing panels are 1/2 inch thick.

We use tempered safety glass that is tough and impact resistant. Tempered glass is much stronger, durable and heat resistant than regular glass.

Yes. We can produce custom panels to suit your needs. Additional costs may apply.

We use #316 stainless steel material. Our clamps are base mounted or core drilled into the surface. They are available in round and square designs.

All that is necessary for installation of a StyleGuard gate are 2 hinges, 1 latch, 1 lock and a custom glass panel. The metal products come in #316 stainless steel.

AISI #316 stainless steel is made of the highest quality marine grade steel that ensures years of maintenance free performance. It is fully resistant to corrosive environments around pools and wet areas.

Yes. We can customize our products to suit your landscaping and construction requirements.

Glass pool fencing can be attached to pavement, tiles, wood and concrete. It can also be installed on lawns and gardens. Unsure? Contact us with your specific project needs.

Depending on your location and fence requirements, you can expect delivery in 4 to 6 business weeks after purchase.

Glass pool fencing is very low maintenance. All you will have to do is to clean the glass occasionally to keep it sparkling clean.