Glass Pool Fence System Benefits



Styleguard is a leader in safety glass pool fence systems. Our top of the line products prevents children and pets from entering an enclosed area. Our tempered glass systems make all activities around the pool visible.

We use durable and toughened safety glass pool fence panels that exceed the necessary requirements to prevent accidents, protecting family, friends and neighbors.


Styleguard glass pool fence systems encapsulate a unique and minimalist aesthetic, offering the latest trend in architectural design. It is no longer necessary to settle for intrusive mesh or metal fences obscuring the view of backyards.

Frameless enclosures ensure that natural light penetrates through our tempered glass panels, transforming properties into a symbol of elegance and luxury. Glass pool fences increase the value of residential and commercial properties.


We offer the finest quality fencing systems available in the marketplace. Unlike our competitors, Styleguard frameless systems are sturdy, last longer and require less upkeep than other fencing options. Our fencing materials are made with the highest grade #316 stainless steel and tempered glass panels.

Materials such as mesh and low-grade metal diminish the quality, aesthetic appeal and value of high-end real estate.

The Pillars of Styleguard


Tempered and durable glass panels that never deteriorate. Protects children and pets.

Design & Quality

Unobtrusive views often seen in luxury hotels. Now you can own it in your own backyard.

Price Guarantee

Offering the lowest glass pool fencing prices in the marketplace.