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5 Common Questions About Glass Pool Fencing Answered

By now, everyone has noticed the growing use of architectural glass in commercial and residential design. While glass fencing and railing became especially popular over the past 10 years—adorning office buildings, swanky homes, and museums—the glass trend shows no sign of fading away. A simple google search of interior design trends will show that functional and decorative glass is here to stay, and that it’s being used in the development of new buildings and homes all over the world.

Styleguard has been at the forefront of this trend, leading the industry in top-quality glass fencing and railing systems since our conception in 2012. We’ve had the privilege of supplying our systems to customers in nearly every US State, as well as in Canada and even Australia. Over the years, we’ve heard all the concerns, so we’re here to answer some of the most common questions homeowners have about glass fencing and railing.

Is it hard to clean glass fencing?

We get this question a lot. And for good reason, too. Many people who install a glass fence are upgrading from wood, metal, or mesh, and haven’t thought too much about cleaning their fence in the past. So, are glass fences easy to clean? The answer is yes. You can easily clean your glass fence by first rinsing it with a hose, and then scrubbing with warm water and liquid dish soap, or a gentle detergent that contains only surface-level dissolving agents (like many common laundry detergents). Simply mix your soap or detergent with warm water, and scrub the fence with a sponge or microfiber cloth the same way you would clean a window in your home or vehicle. Afterwards, rinse off the soap suds with a hose or spray bottle. Your fence will look as good as new! You can also use a squeegee to remove excess water afterwards. 

Depending on the weather and material conditions of your environment (deserts, windy beaches), you may want to clean your fence more often. In more abrasive environments, you might end up cleaning your fence anywhere between once a month to once every 2 months. For homes with peaceful weather conditions and yards with minimal activity, it’s rare that you’ll need to clean your fence more than once or twice a year, depending on your preferences.

Are glass pool fences safe for kids?

The safety of young ones is one of the biggest considerations when choosing to install a pool enclosure or perimeter fence. It’s also one of our core values at StyleGuard, and a big reason why many of our residential customers are new or expecting families. One thing that makes glass pool fences especially safe for kids is that they can’t be climbed (and the same goes for pets). There are no footholds or structures that can be grabbed to hoist oneself over the fence. As for entry points, our standard slow close self-latching child safety gate is ideal for keeping kids out of the pool or unwanted areas when unsupervised. They also latch closed automatically to ensure the gate is not left open accidentally. There are many other glass gating options as well, like the common lever latch system or commercial-grade panic hardware gates. 

Glass pool fences are also very safe in terms of durability. Our tempered glass panels are made to withstand forces far beyond the strength of children or any objects they may have. Children can lean on, push, or hit glass panels without the slightest budge to the integrity of the fence. 

Lastly, the fact that glass fences are crystal clear means it’s easier than ever to see the activity that goes on inside your pool, or on the other side of your perimeter fence. This allows you to keep an eye on young ones from anywhere close by. Additionally, our glass is produced with rounded and polished edges to reduce the risk of contact with any sharp corners. 

The strength of glass fences, combined with children’s inability to scale them and your ability to see straight through them, makes glass pool fences a very safe option for kids. With a glass fence, you can rest easy knowing that young ones are kept outside the boundaries of your pool, and inside the perimeter of your property if they’re wandering or unsupervised.

How strong is glass fencing?

StyleGuard glass fencing systems are made with the strongest architectural glass and materials available. We custom manufacture our glass panels here in the US, and never compromise on quality of any sort. Furthermore, certain projects will require your fencing to comply with certain codes and regulations. All of our products are produced to meet the standards of the application they are used for.

Our standard glass panels are made of ½ inch thick tempered glass that support up to 200 pounds of pressure per square inch—more than enough to withstand the brute force of almost any object that may come in contact with your fence. For example, we hear a lot of customers express concern about golf balls. We confidently install glass fencing at houses built alongside golf courses very often. Our glass panels are made to withstand a direct hit from a golf ball without a problem, even thinner ⅜” glass slabs. 

Our glass is about eight times as strong as the average glass panel, so for the most part, the only way you’re going to break a panel of StyleGuard glass is with the utmost intention and force, and while using the right kind of instrument. A pickaxe, for example, with enough force behind it, could likely shatter one of our glass panels, due to its sharp and concentrated point of contact.

As for our materials, we use the toughest marine grade stainless steel for all of our hardware options. These products are built to withstand corrosion from environmental conditions, such as windy and sandy beaches or mountain sides. Our glass systems are remarkably tough, so your fence will require minimal upkeep and maintenance, and stay with you forever!

How safe are glass railings and balconies?

Many people express concerns about glass railings and balconies, but all of our systems for elevated surfaces do meet all necessary safety measures. Built to withstand 200 pounds of pressure per square inch, leaning on our glass balconies is not something to worry about. If you were to walk up to our glass fences or balcony systems and push on them as hard as you can, you’d see that they would hardly budge. For glass balconies and railings, glass panels can be mounted with spigots, fascia mounts, stand-off pins, or base shoes, based on customer preference. All of these options offer the same safety and security.

Glass railings that are installed on elevated surfaces must have a height of at least 42” inches or more. We’ve installed many fully frameless balcony systems, but in certain locations, local codes and regulations may require additional material to compliment the structure of glass balconies on second-story surfaces and higher. In those cases, we use stainless steel top cap rails that can be powder coated in various colors. These rails compliment the crystal clear glass by adding a slight border to the otherwise frameless balcony, and provide more surface area to grip the ledge or banister. 

Is glass pool fencing worth it?

Finally, the ultimate question: is it really worth it to upgrade to a glass pool fence from my current mesh or wire system? We may be a bit biased on this one, but it’s true: there are tons of reasons why glass fencing is the way to go. Glass fences are beautiful, easy to clean, impeccably strong, long-lasting, and second to none in terms of safety. While these questions make up some of the most common concerns, the benefits of glass don’t stop there. Glass is a gorgeous, timeless material that bestows a sense of sophistication and sharpness on your home. It lends very well to open-concept designs, and makes your space feel large and comfortable. Moreover, upgrading to glass fencing is a great way to increase the value of your home, all while making it more beautiful and safe. When it comes to pool fences specifically, glass will outperform and outlive other materials. Splashing water from the pool is bound to get chlorine on a nearby fence, and over time, those chemicals can easily degrade metal or mesh fencing. Glass, however, is not affected by chlorinated chemicals and won’t erode over time.

Safety, strength, beauty, practical design, and low maintenance are just a few of the reasons that make glass pool fencing worth it. Switching to glass fencing or railing is an excellent way to upgrade your home by adding a stylish flair without compromising safety. StyleGuard is proud to lead the glass fencing and railing industry in the US and specialize in only the highest quality glass products. We hope that we could answer some of your questions about glass fencing with this article. Don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime; we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our systems.


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