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5 Popular Home Styles that are Perfect for Glass Fencing

Glass as an architectural material has been universally favored by architects and admirers alike since its use was implemented centuries ago. Throughout many years of ingenuity, glass was produced in new forms and compositions for niche uses. Now, however, architectural glass is no longer seen as a niche material. It has evolved to become the go-to choice for many domestic and industrial design projects, whether we’re talking windows, partitions, balconies, banisters, and of course, fencing and railing. In today’s world, the art of glass has been perfected, making it the perfect material for any architectural styles, especially common home styles.

Mediterranean Homes

Mediterranean style homes are perfect for glass fencing and railing. These houses have a free-flowing and loose structure to dwelling that inspires graceful movement between the indoors and outdoors, often emphasized with gates and large doors. The intricate tile work in these homes gives them an additional aesthetic dimension, one that will synthesize with the translucency of glass railing and fences beautifully.

Since mediterranean homes are usually built in warmer climates, they often have pools as well. Instead of using mesh or wire fences that clash with the beauty of the Mediterranean style, surrounding your pool or outdoor area with glass fencing will pair beautifully with the home’s architecture and surrounding environment. Additionally, balconies on these homes provide even more access to views of the neighborhood and the home’s natural surroundings. The view from one’s balcony becomes even more beautiful when the fencing around the home doesn’t obstruct the look of the natural area. Not to mention, glass balcony fencing can make these homes feel even more open and scenic!

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman style homes can be found in cities all over the United States, and are very easy to point out due to the uniqueness of their structures when compared to other styles. These houses have sharp angles, exposed beams, tapered columns, porches, and an overall horizontal feel. As for materials and quirks, craftsman homes are admired for their heavy use of hand-crafted elements, wood, and custom indoor features. 

The differences that set craftsman homes apart from other styles still prevent it from pairing beautifully with glass. These houses have maintained their appeal after 100 years of popularity, and their decorative nature makes glass a great option for fencing and railing. Moreover, the strong integrity of glass fencing and hardware pairs remarkably well with the strong natural materials used to construct these homes. Outside, glass perimeters make a great substitution for the wooden or picket fences that often surround craftsman houses, as these materials require far more maintenance over time.

Contemporary-Style Homes

It goes without saying that glass fencing and contemporary homes are a match made in heaven! The immaculate look of contemporary houses give off an unparalleled, sophisticated charm that is only amplified by the use of glass. Often sporting horizontal layers, a simplified geometric look, and plenty of open space for movement and natural light, contemporary houses meet their full potential when glass panels are installed inside and outside.

On the inside, contemporary homes appear even more sleek when a glass bannister is added onto the edges of stairs and mezzanines. If walls are ever added inside to give more structure to the flow of the floor plan, glass partitions will get the job done without sacrificing the open space that makes the interior of contemporary homes so special. Outside the house, pools, upper-level balconies, and wide verandas with a view aren’t complete without transparent or frosted glass fencing. As glass becomes increasingly popular for new buildings of all types, it’s the obvious choice to outfit any contemporary style home.

(Mid Century) Modern Homes

People often use the word “modern” to describe new trends and sleek, cutting edge design. While this isn’t completely incorrect, it’s usually confused with contemporary when used this way. What we call “modern housing” today is a style that has its origins in the Bauhaus school of architecture, and the material developments that followed WWII. Bauhaus architects favored the use of “modern” materials, such as stone and glass.

Mid Century modern housing remains one of the most popular and ubiquitous home styles around today. It’s loved for its sheek look and the way it emphasizes both function and form. As modern homes typically offer a “natural” feel through the use of large windows, glass materials pair gorgeously with modern homes. The architecture of modern homes invites us to use glass fencing exterior to the house, in order to extend the sense of “openness” that these houses offer to the outside area, such as balconies or yard perimeters. Inside the house, the same principle applies. Glass partitions and railways can be used inside modern homes to add even more elegance to their open floor plans and natural sensibility.

Ranch-Style Homes

One might not believe it at first glance, but glass railing and fencing goes great with ranch-style homes, especially as they’re becoming more popular and taking on a contemporary look. They’re some of the most popular houses in the United States, especially in California, Texas, and the Carolinas. Ranch-style homes became popular in the fifties, and are usually divided into a few different types, like California ranch, split-level, and storybook. All of these gorgeous styles are further elevated by embracing the new wave of glass architecture.

A few key features of ranch style homes are their large back and front yards, outdoor patios, and sprawling floor plans, sometimes only a single story tall. As the name might suggest, ranches promote outdoor living and are made to harmonize with the surrounding natural elements. As homeowners of ranch houses enjoy spending time outside in the backyard, perhaps with a swimming pool, glass fencing is a great way to add to the natural beauty of your home and outdoor areas. Glass is also the top choice for pool fences, as it is very easy to clean and maintain. Not to mention, it’s perfect when considering safety measures, like keeping adventurous children outside of the pool area when unsupervised.


Mediterranean, craftsman, contemporary, modern, and ranch-style homes are just a few popular architectural styles that pair perfectly with glass fencing. Many homeowners think glass is reserved for only the most cutting edge, contemporary-style homes, and most don’t even consider glass as an option! But this is clearly not true. All of these homes are very common today and pair excellently with glass hardware like fences, balcony railings, partitions, and balustrades. And when considering safety, glass is second to none. No matter what style of home you have, choosing glass for indoor or outdoor renovations is the way to go.

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