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7 Backyard Glass Fencing Ideas: Pools, Patios, and Balconies

As 2022 nears its close, glass fencing is still as popular as ever. Over the past decade, glass has made waves in interior and exterior design trends, commercial architecture, and home design. And it’s not just contemporary homes that are taking advantage of the flexibility of glass: almost all home styles pair very well with glass railing and fencing. Acting as a nearly invisible and highly durable material, outdoor glass fence panels embrace the aesthetics of any environment and allow the surrounding beauty to go unobstructed. As glass continues to become the #1 fencing choice for homeowners, we wanted to share some of Styleguard’s recent projects. Here are 7 luxurious glass fencing designs for backyard pools, patios, and balconies.

Playset and Glass Pool Fence


Glass fencing is very popular among homeowners with young children or expecting families. That’s one of the best parts about having a backyard glass fence: the safety features are second to none!

While glass is super strong and can’t be climbed by children or pets, it’s also crystal clear; you can see right through to the other side to keep an eye on your little ones. In the project above, we created a simple frameless glass fence with a 90 degree angle to close off a small pool area from the rest of our customer’s backyard.

The fence is complete with a self-latching glass gate to enter the pool. The glass panels run along the length of the pool area, separating the pool from the playground, and intersect with the shadowbox fence that separates the home from the adjacent property.

The result is a nice, wide-open backyard with a touch of class that still maintains a much needed barrier to separate the pool from the rest of the yard.

Large Glass Pool Enclosure


This backyard oasis is complete with a large swimming pool, stone walkway and pool decking, concrete coping, dense natural scenery, and finally a customized glass pool fence. The fence here runs along the shrub line utilizing custom cut glass panels for a perfect curve that separates the pool decking from the yard. Each side of the fence recedes into the woods and connects to either side of the property’s perimeter fence for a fully enclosed pool area. There is also a custom, semi-frameless glass gate, with glass panels cut to the precise size of the walkway. This is a double gate with an in-ground locking mechanism and a self-latching magnetic system that keeps each side of the gate closed and in line with one another. The serenity of this backyard is only elevated with the addition of the glass fence!

Glass Balcony Railing Designs


Glass balconies and glass balustrades are safe, durable, and make a beautiful addition to your home by opening up the space and increasing visibility. For this project, we created two glass railing systems for a homeowner’s back porch and upstairs balcony. If you look closely, you can see the upstairs balcony is installed using a fascia mount system, attaching the glass panels to the very edge of the balcony in order to optimize space. Below, the pack porch glass railing is mounted with standard glass panel spigots, plus a glass staircase railing mounted with standoff pins that are flush against the sides of the stairs. Being a contemporary style home, the addition of glass railing pairs beautifully with the architecture of the house, and makes for a great view from the backyard. The large windows are meant to increase visibility and natural light from inside the house, too, so a wood or metal balcony would clash with the architecture and compromise your view–but with glass, you can ensure that visibility and light are maximized from inside your home.

The image on the right shows another one of our backyard projects where a glass balcony design was the clear choice. With such a wide and gorgeous vantage point, a wood or mesh fence would have blocked visibility and compromised the homeowner’s view of the mountain scenery in the distance. This backyard glass fence is mounted with stainless steel spigots to a small concrete curb just on the other side of a small garden and the edge of the backyard. There are also glass to glass clips at the top of the fence, connecting each panel with a small clip to ensure long-lasting stability. We recommend these glass to glass clips on perimeter and pool fences that are 48” or higher.



Glass Hot Tub and Pool Enclosures


Here’s an example of a smaller project that breathed new life into this backyard patio and pool area. The homeowner’s have a beautiful pool and spa combo in their backyard complete with patterned concrete tiles and grass channels. Since this space is a bit smaller, an iron, mesh, or wooden fence would have made the swim spa feel cramped and isolated, and undoubtedly affected the ambience of the rest of the patio, too. By choosing glass pool fence panels, the space feels open and comfortable, saving the atmosphere of the spa and the back patio. On the right side, an entryway to the pool is formed by our slow-closing, self-latching glass gate. This is a child safety gate that locks using a magnetic device, and will always shut behind you. It cannot be pushed through or climbed over, ensuring children are safe from the pool area when unsupervised.

Here’s another example of a small pool and hot tub combo in a cozy backyard. The homeowners needed to enclose their pool from the surrounding area, but given the size of the pool relative to the entire backyard, traditional fence materials would have made for an awkward, boxed in look. A 48” tall fence, with glass pool fence spigots, was the perfect choice to keep this backyard space looking and feeling idyllic and serene. The frameless gate design keeps the fence looking simple and chic.

This larger pool and backyard space is complimented effortlessly by one of our taller frameless glass pool fences (standard height is 42”). The gazebo area in the back corner, the aqua blue color of the pool, and the elevated hot tub can be seen through the fence. And without a transparent barrier, the pool would be covered in shadows from the house and the shadows cast from a solid fence. A frameless self-closing gate is also added to this system. In the back, you can see an aluminum posted fence on the perimeter of the property. Replacing the aluminum bars with outdoor glass fence panels would open up the surrounding area even more and reduce conflict with the environment.

These are just some of our recent residential glass fencing projects. After 10 years in business, we love creating serene designs for homeowners in California and Florida, and manufacturing custom steel and glass systems for customers all across the United States. At StyleGuard, we’re committed to precision, beauty, and safety above all else. As glass architecture grows more and more popular, StyleGuard Systems continues to be America’s #1 choice for glass pool fences and glass railing systems!

Thank you for reading our blog, and please don’t hesitate to call us with any of your steel and glass needs or questions. We’d be happy to assist you. Call +1(855) 487-8953 or email sales@styleguardsystems.com to chat with our customer care team today.



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