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Experience the Elegance and Security of Professionally Installed Glass Railings at the Lowest Price Guaranteed!




Enhance the beauty and safety of your Florida balconies and staircases with Styleguard Systems’ exceptional glass railings. Designed specifically for the Florida market, our glass railings seamlessly blend functionality and elegance, providing a stunning addition to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

StyleGuard Benefits

Professional Installation

Rest assured knowing that our team of highly skilled professionals will handle every aspect of the installation process for your glass fence, ensuring precision, durability, and a seamless integration into your space.

1st Class Safety

Designed with children in mind. Our glass fencing is built with solid 1/2 “ tempered glass sheets cut to 4’ or 5’ in height. They are built to last and keep children safe.

Premium Security

Our glass pool gates are equipped with specialized hinges and locking system that offer the highest level of security, making them the most secure in the industry. Keeping your family safe is the number one priority.

Crystal Clear Views

Our frameless glass fence and glass railing systems provide a seamless view of your surroundings which makes even the tightest of spaces feel wide open and expansive. Start the process today and see the difference.

The StyleGuard Difference


Our glass fence and railing systems are made with premium glass and stainless steel hardware. This means that they do not deteriorate over time unlike like mesh and iron fences that corrode and need to be repeatedly replaced. Your fence will be standing for the life of your pool.

Glass Fence & Railing Experts

We were the first to bring frameless glass pool fences to market and have continued to be pioneers in the industry. Our glass fencing systems are created and designed with the highest quality hardware that has now become the industry standard for our competitors.

Uniquely Customized for YOU

Our frameless and semi frameless glass fence and glass railing panels are custom made from hand cut sections of tempered glass. This ensures a perfect fit into our specially designed stainless steel anchor clamps to provide equal parts luxury and security. Each system is uniquely designed to fit your needs.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We offer the best price GUARANTEED on all of or our glass fence and railing products. If you find a better price, we will beat it! Simply share the quote with us and we will discount accordingly to give you the best price possible.

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Why Styleguard? We were one of the first companies to bring frameless glass pool fence to market and have continued to be pioneers in the business. Our fencing system was created and designed with the highest quality hardware that has now become the industry standard for our competitors.

Styleguards brilliant design and aesthetic offer the highest functionality and safety of any pool fence without sacrificing the aesthetic of your property which you have worked so hard to make beautiful. Our fencing will last forever. The tempered glass and stainless steel we use to construct the fence do not deteriorate like traditional wood or metal fencing and will look as good 20 years from now as it did when you had it installed. 

Styleguard Systems will look great and improve the value of any property. Whether you have a single family home or a multi family complex, your satisfaction is guaranteed and backed by our world class customer service. From your initial quote through your installation and beyond our customer service representatives will make sure you are treated exceptionally and that your experience with us is smooth and easy. 


StyleGuard Products

Glass pool gate attached to a glass fence in a luxurious back yard.

Frameless Glass Pool Fences

Frameless glass pool fences for pools and spas are unobtrusive barriers that offer top rated safety without detracting from the natural beauty of your surroundings. StyleGuard frameless glass systems are more durable, safe, and stylish than other common pool fences, such as mesh or wire. All of our frameless pool fences are made to order and customized to match the details of any commercial or residential setting.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fences

StyleGuard semi frameless glass pool fences come with additional hardware to compliment the structure and aesthetic of your fence. Rails and clips may be added between panels, and to the top or bottom of the system to accentuate the architecture of your fence and increase the surface area of your railing. The hardware for these pool fences can be customized, giving you a choice between the standard chrome look, or a brushed or powder-coated color finish that matches the style of your property.

Glass railing on a wooden balcony overlooking the ocean

Glass Railing Systems

Sleek and sophisticated, glass railings are often used in the contemporary design of museums, corporate offices, and homes. Glass railings also open up outdoor environments in settings like multi-leveled beach houses, rooftop patios, and public viewing decks, in addition to providing much needed wind blocking.

For staircases, balconies, terraces, and more, glass railing will let you make the most of your view, without compromising safety or visibility.

Top clip hardware used to stabilize glass fencing and railing at the top of each panel

Glass Fence & Railing Hardware

StyleGuard glass pool fences can be equipped with many different forms of stainless steel hardware. Spigots, rails, full-height posts, base shoes, and various gate systems are some common additions to our systems. Sometimes, certain hardware is recommended or required based on factors like height, mounting surfaces, and location. Our fences and railing systems are always built to satisfy regulations and safety requirements. Our installers will work closely with you to determine what hardware you need or don’t need for your fence.

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