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Styleguard Systems Brings Glass Fencing to Florida!

Gorgeous steel and glass fencing systems now available in the Tampa area.


Bringing Glass Fences and Railing Systems to Tampa, Florida

We’re incredibly excited to announce the opening of our new location in Tampa, Florida on January 1st, 2022. As the leading custom glass company in the US, we have offered our services in California for almost 10 years. After receiving more and more orders from across the country, we have slowly expanded our installation radius and begun shipping orders to all US states. Now that we’ve established our second ever location, we’re able to extend the Styleguard family and personally install the finest glass balconies, fences, and more for our customers in Tampa! Read on to learn more about our products and services.

Styleguard systems is a manufacturer and distributor of custom glass fencing and railing systems. We offer tempered glass pool fences, balconies, sea wall fences, perimeter fences, stairs and banisters, and all kinds of other glass barrier applications. Our systems are perfect for residential and commercial applications, as glass designs offer the best in both form and function. We custom manufacture every glass panel based on the specific requirements of each project, and only use the toughest quality glass that is crystal clear and built to last. Our service area spans approximately 100 miles from Tampa, but we will travel farther to personally install fences for larger projects.

Tempered Glass Pool Fences

In the past, our most popular product in Florida has been our beautiful tempered glass pool fences. A glass enclosure system combines the most important elements of fencing: safety, aesthetics, and durability. We offer both frameless and semi-frameless glass fences, using the highest quality glass in the industry. Specifically, our glass panels are ½ inches thick, and about eight times as strong as normal tempered glass. They are extremely durable, and will survive the elements for years to come without degrading. Plus, glass is without a doubt the best fencing option when it comes to the safety of children and animals.

While it’s true that our glass is top-notch in quality, we’re proud to say it won’t break your bank. Our formula at Styleguard is equal parts quality and practicality. By manufacturing, distributing, and installing glass panels, we’re able to offer the best rates in the business. We’re incredibly excited to bring affordable glass pool fences to Tampa and become the best steal and glass company in the state!

We often use 42” high glass panels for pool enclosures, but may use taller glass depending on the property and project specifics. As a licensed contractor in Florida, we follow all local safety codes and make sure your fencing meets state requirements. Fencing requirements are not as strict in Florida, and since we custom manufacture all of our glass, you have a great amount of creative freedom when it comes to your own personal glass and system. Check out our pool fence and railing systems for more info about our beautiful glass fences.

Why Florida Residents Love Glass Fencing

Especially in Florida, glass architecture is a no-brainer! Our glass balconies and pool and perimeter fences add a touch of modern elegance to every home. Unlike wood, mesh, or wire fencing, transparent glass allows the light and beauty of the natural environment to shine through, creating seamless harmony between your home and its surroundings. We also provide frosted glass panels for those that enjoy the contemporary aesthetic of glass, but may prefer a more privacy-friendly option. 

While glass is really a perfect fit for any home, it goes especially well with common architectural styles in Florida, such as contemporary coastal, mediterranean, Spanish, and ranch-style homes. In a state with such scenic beauty and warm weather, with some of the best outdoor living in the country, glass fencing is the absolute best choice to enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior.

Glass is also the smartest option in terms of maintenance, especially with the Florida rain and wind. Our glass products are incredibly easy to maintain, by simply cleaning them occasionally like you would a mirror or window. We use stainless steel hardware components to hold the glass in place, and steel railing for our semi frameless fences and balconies. The combination of steel and glass not only makes for a beautiful fence, but one that will stay beautiful for years to come. Not to mention, when compared to mesh, wire, or wooden fences, glass is by far the most superior option in terms of wind and noise blocking. As you can see, the difference between traditional fencing and glass is night and day.

Other Glass Railing Products

Floridians already love our glass pool fences, but our products don’t stop there. Over the years, we have fulfilled a variety of creative projects involving glass barriers for almost any application you can think of. Glass is truly the ultimate material that can satisfy needs across hundreds of commercial and residential projects.

Sea Wall Fences

Why obstruct the beautiful view that comes with your home? On verandas, porches, and outdoor decks of all kinds, glass is the way to go. Homes across the coast of Florida offer fantastic views of the ocean, overlooking beaches and waves. Now, you can sit back on your balcony chair and gaze at the sea without metal bars or posts blocking your view. Glass sea wall fences also offer superior safety. These fences cannot be scaled by children or pets, and allow one to see the same gorgeous view from close to the ground! Say goodbye to annoying shadows, wood splinters, and noisy fencing that shakes against the ocean breeze. Our sea wall fences will block wind and noise without sacrificing the look and feel of your deck’s outdoor atmosphere.

Balconies and Overlooks

As with our sea wall fences, glass boundaries on balconies provide excellent safety without obstructing your view. Frameless glass boundaries can be used for a crystal clear, almost invisible barrier that elevates the external beauty of your balcony to new heights and gives you a full view of your backyard, pool, and surrounding landscape (even from inside!). For more grip, semi-frameless glass boundaries offer a sturdy handrail to lean on and a sharper visual outline that beautifully traces the shape of your balcony, deck, or porch. Frosted glass can be combined with both of these options for more privacy, and custom-sized cuts are always available.

Indoor Stairs and Partitions

Outdoor applications for glass are so beautiful that people sometimes forget they’re great for inside, too! Even though indoor glass partitions are often used in commercial settings, such as museums, offices, or libraries, it can add a remarkable modern feel to your home as well. The visibility and openness of glass boundaries emphasize the natural flow of your living area and add an unmatched sophisticated quality. We’ve made so many customers happy over the years by transforming the inside of their homes, giving kitchen spaces, living rooms, and foyers a complete makeover and refreshing feel. When considering renovations, especially involving opening up your home to a wider floor plan and removing existing boundaries, glass is an excellent option. It’s often relied on as a compromise between the difficult choice of freeing up space and spreading out the feel of your living area, while also desiring a physical separation between rooms that guides one’s movement through the home.

Railways and catwalk boundaries look fantastic in glass as well. If desired by the homeowner, we use stand-off pins on the side of stairs and elevated areas so that glass panels are flush against the side of steps and walkways. Semi frameless glass banisters are a great choice for stairways and catwalks, as they provide a top-cap handrail to hold on to, but many home owners like completely frameless glass panels, too. Simply put, glass is one of the easiest ways to add elegance, sophistication, and a touch of contemporary sensibility to your home’s interior.

At Styleguard, we’re passionate about the beauty and functionality of steel and glass. We’re so glad that we can now expand the Styleguard family into Florida, offering beautiful and affordable glass pool fencing, balconies, railways, and enclosures to homeowners in Tampa and the surrounding area. For more information about all of our customization and installation process, click here, or feel free to give us a call at 855-487-8953. We look forward to hearing from you!

Glass Fence & Railing Products

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