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Upgrade your Home Like a Pro: Why Glass Fencing Is a No-Brainer for Home Owners Everywhere

We’ve all seen floor-to-ceiling glass panels in museums, banks, and trendy corporate offices. The undeniable sophistication of glass-paneling makes it a clever choice for businesses who want to flex their prestige and modern sensibility. But what about your home? What about your prestige? Glass fencing is a gorgeous addition to any home, no doubt. It adds a pristine ambience to your outdoor space, and doesn’t obstruct the view—but you can’t stop there. The benefits of glass go far beyond aesthetics (and bragging rights).

No more painting, staining, and re-building.

Standard enclosures in most homes across America use wood fencing, iron chain link fencing, and sometimes vinyl (gross). While these may seem like good, cheap options, there’s only a few problems: they’re ugly, outdated, and require way too much upkeep. Who has time for that?

Both chain link and wood fences are highly susceptible to the elements. After a short amount of time, wood fences will stain, become discolored, and lose their fresh quality. They’re also subject to rotting and weakening. This happens faster than most people realize, and soon enough, the conscious homeowner will have to reinstall their fencing or spend way too much time repainting it.

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Cheap chain link fences will easily bend, break, and become loose. You’ll then pay for repair and re-installation, just for it to wear down again. This is a headache you don’t deserve. Besides, chain link fences just don’t correlate with the feel of a comfortable home. They are made to establish boundaries, and nothing else. As the most basic type of fencing, they do nothing for your home’s beauty, or its value.

It goes without saying—no one wants to deal with maintaining lousy fencing. While these common options may be cheap, that’s about all they’ve got going for them. Another option, metal fencing, may seem like an appropriate substitution, but the upfront cost will drain your wallet. Plus, whether it’s wood, mesh, chain link, iron or metal, these fences obstruct the view of your outdoor space. Common fences always take away from the landscape, rather than add to it.

A fence fit for kings: add value and beauty to your home with glass fencing.

On the other hand, you have glass fencing, our specialty. Clearly, we have a winner. But we’ll take time to explain why.

To state the obvious, glass fencing is beautiful, sleek, and unexpected. But besides making your neighbors jealous, there’s a load of other perks to glass fencing the average homeowner may not even realize. Because of its contemporary and long-lasting design, switching to glass fencing is one of the best ways to add value to your home. It compliments all architectural styles, and will remain fashionable for decades to come.

Glass is also remarkably easy to clean and maintain. You’ll never have to repaint, sand, stain, or rebuild glass fencing. All of our fences are made with crystal clear or frosted tempered glass, which is heavier and far more durable than plexiglass. It does not stain, wear, or loosen. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about outdoor fencing, enclosures, or railing systems ever again.

The sturdiness of tempered glass is second to none, while offering an extraordinary ambience. Our fences use extremely compact and sturdy hardware, with an elegant stainless steel finish. They take up minimal space, and don’t appear bulky or oversized. With their transparency and simplistic design, they compliment your pool, balcony, or spa in the most intuitive way: by allowing the surrounding space to shine through. Other fences do the exact opposite.

Your home’s got style, now you just need StyleGuard.

Styleguard leads the glass fence and railing industry. We were the first specialized company in the US to premiere our custom made glass products, and we continue to set both design and safety standards for the rest of the industry. Our team has years of experience serving a range of clients with vastly different requirements! We know that no two homes are alike, and over the years we’ve learned everything there is to know about the most innovative design techniques and installation requirements. When you come straight to the pros, you get the most durable, attractive, and safe fencing available. For pools, decks, balconies, and all other indoor and outdoor spaces, StyleGuard has you covered. (You can view our gallery here.)

Made to order: when you choose StyleGuard, you come straight to the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of glass products. We’ve taken the time to perfect our process, and it shows. Our clients enjoy custom-designed, made to order glass railing and fencing. You’ll have your choice of transparent glass for a crystal clear view, or frosted glass to enhance privacy. Do you want longer, shorter, or wider glass panels than standard specs? Prefer a certain color? Frameless or semi frameless? No problem. With our robust stock of materials and custom hardware, there’s no project we can’t handle, no matter your specifications.

Unparalleled customer relations: We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer care. When you choose us, you truly join the StyleGuard family. Your relationship with us won’t end after delivery; we’ll always be here for you to address your concerns and make adjustments if needed. Our experts inspect your property, listen to your requirements, and design the perfect fencing and railing systems for your specific project. With customers in Canada, Australia, and almost every US state, we’ve upheld our promise to offer the most friendly and helpful customer relations possible.

The best bang for your buck: It’s simple, we guarantee the best prices for consultation, design, and installation. For both commercial projects and residential ones, our glass railing systems start at just $89 per foot. That’s just $284 per meter of the highest quality fencing in the US. As a company that is dedicated to constant development and maintaining our leading position in the market, part of our promise is to continuously offer the best rates in the business. If you happen to hear a better offer, just give us a call and we’ll do our absolute best to satisfy your needs.

The choice is clear: do away with traditional fencing and railing and choose to increase your home’s value and beauty. If you’re looking for a fencing company that can provide unparalleled customer care and custom-designed products, then StyleGuard is the right choice. We are the industry leading glass railing and fence company, offering beauty, safety, durability, and value unlike any other type of fencing. With our extensive selection of materials like stainless steel or aluminum rails with custom finishes to match your desired style, we can accommodate all types of projects big or small, no matter your budget. And don’t forget about our unmatched customer service! Our experts will work closely with you during the design process so that your fence blends seamlessly into your property while meeting all necessary requirements such as height restrictions and safety concerns. Join us today in style today by browsing our products online, or give us a call to speak with our representatives.

(meta description: Join the StyleGuard family today: upgrade your home’s beauty, and add value to your property with pristine glass fencing and railing systems.)

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