About Styleguard Systems

About Styleguard Systems

StyleGuard systems is the premier manufacturer and distributor of glass fencing and railings in North America. Our product offers uncompromised views, unsurpassed safety, and unparalleled style.

Head Of the Pack

StyleGuard is a pioneer of frameless glass fence and railings. We were the first in the U.S. to specialize in glass fencing and railings, and today StyleGuard remains at the top of our industry. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom, made-to-order glass fence and railings, we are at the forefront of design and innovation for both residential and commercial installations.  At StyleGuard, we source our products independently for each project depending on our clients specific needs. As StyleGuard has grown, we have continued to strive to provide our customers with cutting edge design and quality products, awhile remaining true to our original product by keeping our systems clean and simple. 

Created The Bar

StyleGuard’s classic frameless design instantly became an industry standard  and continues to be the epitome of glass fence and railing. StyleGuard marries style and elegance with function and safety seemlessly. Both modern and sleek in its design, our glass fencing makes a large impression with a minimal footprint. 

StyleGuard glass fencing offers a truly uncompromised view of your surroundings and its sturdy construction is built to last. We use crystal clear tempered glass panels, which are eight times tougher than regular glass panels, making it extremely durable while providing safety at the highest level.  To secure our panels we use only the highest grades of stainless steel hardware in a variety of finishes, all of which are eye catching and corrosion resistant.  You will never worry about time consuming upkeep or replacement.

StyleGuard glass fencing and railings will be with you forever. Never miss a moment.


StyleGuard customer service is the best in the industry They are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to to work with you to create the perfect glass fence or railing. As a client of StyleGuard you are part of our team and we work together to build the best products hands down