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About Styleguard Systems

About Styleguard Systems

StyleGuard Systems is the premier manufacturer and distributor of glass fencing and glass railings in North America. Our products offer uncompromised views, unsurpassed safety, and unparalleled style. We have Customers in 34 US states and counting, Canada and even Australia. No matter where you are or what you need to protect, StyleGuard Systems’ glass fence and railings have you covered. Our friendly associates are on call to help with your project, answer any questions you may have, and lend their expertise. Call now and tell us about your project.

Head Of the Pack
StyleGuard is a pioneer of both residential and commercial frameless glass fence and railings. We were the first in the U.S. to specialize in glass fencing and railings, and today StyleGuard remains at the top of the industry. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom, made-to-order glass fence and railings, we are at the forefront of design and innovation for both residential and commercial applications. Our large stock of materials and expertise enable us to get your job done correctly and efficiently. As StyleGuard has grown, we have continued to elevate our product offerings and customer experience. Our cutting-edge design and high-quality materials remain true to our original mission – 1st class safety with clean and simple style.

Setting the Bar
StyleGuard’s classic frameless design instantly became an industry standard and continues to be the industry go to for glass fence and railing systems. Our service and product selection continue to set the bar in the glass fence and railing industry. 

What our Customers Say

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