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Absolutely. StyleGuard glass fence & Railings utilize ½” thick, tempered glass panels. Tempered glass is 4 times stronger than regular glass, so you can be confident that your fence or railing will strongest and safest.

Glass fencing has the same height requirements as alternative types of safety barriers. Generally between 4FT - 5FT from the deck to the top edge of  the glass is most common depending on the State where you live. In some cases it is further specified by local ordinances. IF you are not sure of the regulations in your area you can check out this link for additional information municode.com/Library .

StyleGuard believe in offering the highest quality to all our clients in strength and design. Duplex 2205 is the next generation of hardware and we are extremely excited to be the first to use it as our standard equipment. 2205 is 4-5 times stronger than 316 and even more impressive is its non-corrosive characteristics which are miles in front of any other marine grade steel being used today. StyleGuard has always prided itself on offering the widest variety of hardware to its customers, which is why we continue to carry styles that are still currently being made in 316.

There are 2 main methods we employ for installing our glass fencing. The first is surface mounting which uses bolts or other types of anchoring hardware to secure the glass clamps to the surface of your deck, patio, etc. The second method is referred to as core drill. For this type of installation a hole, typically 3" in diameter is drilled between 4" - 8" below surface. A core drill- style glass clamp is then placed in the hole, which is then filled in around the edges with quick setting concrete making the clamp a permanent fixture in the concrete. Both methods offer great results. You should consult with a licensed building professional prior to install to see which method is going to be best for you.

Call us today for your free estimate. Our customer care team, which is the top rated in the industry, we take your details and work up a custom quote for you right on the phone. All we need is a rough idea of the the total linear footage of your project, the desired height you are looking for and how many gates you would like. Should you choose to move forward with StyleGuard you would then need to consult a licensed building professional to to do an accurate final measurement of the area where you will be installing, which you will then send to us for fabrication. It is the clients responsibility to deliver accurate measurements and StyleGuard will not be held responsible for any details that have been left off or omitted.

No. The cost of installation is an additional cost not included in your estimate. You will need to hire a licensed building professional in your area to handle your installation.

Possibly. Both surface mounts and core drilling require a solid foundation to install. Surface mounting offers a wider variety of options - wood, composite decking, concrete, while core drilling is limited to concrete. Neither can be installed directly into grass or any other soft surface. Each glass panel can weight anywhere between 100 & 120 pounds. If you do not currently have a base surface capable of supporting this weight you will need to have some a footer or other structure build prior to installation.

StyleGuard is a glass fence manufacturer and not a licensed contractor. As such we do not handle any installations for any of our products. In the event you do not have an installer StyleGuard will be happy to connect you with any number of fantastic candidates from our preferred network of installers. All of which will be happy to provide you with an estimate for job and you can choose which licensed professional is best for your project.

StyleGuard will be available to you whenever you need us. We walk installers all over the country through our process. Any questions or concerns that you might come up along the way you can be confident that our customer care experts have your back. With their years of experience and knowledge, they will help you over any hurdles you might come up against.  They are so helpful, you'd think they were on site with you.

We require a 70% down payment to begin manufacturing your order. At that time you will let us know which install hardware you have chosen as well as confirming for us the measurements for your glass panels.  The final payment of the remaining 30% is due upon receiving notice that your glass fence or railings is ready to ship to you.

Your glass and hardware will be to you in as little time as 2 weeks depending on the size of your job and the specifications of your individual system. In terms of installation, that is dependent on your individual installer and their schedule, which can get busy during summer months, so plan ahead.  We are happy to plan our delivery in conjunction with your install date so you don't have to worry about storage or protection of your materials while you are waiting.

Our glass fence and railing systems are very easy to take care of and require little to no regular maintenance. Washing every few weeks with a hose is plenty. We strongly suggest not leaving running water directly on the panels for extended periods of time to avoid mineral deposits and when you do clean you should do you best to give a quick wipe down with a dry microfiber cloth to eliminate annoying water spots. Beyond that, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. No really. we insist.

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