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Glass Railing Systems

Glass Railing Systems

Panoramic views | Secured space | Extraordinary fenced environment

The beauty of Styleguard glass.

Nothing opens up architectural design like interior or exterior glass railings that allow an unobstructed viewing of an environment, whether an entry to a commercial space like an atrium or a residential foyer.

At A Glance:

  • Styleguard glass railing systems offer unlimited options for interior and exterior architectural additions.
  • The 1/2” architectural glass panes invite natural light while minimizing noise and wind, and offer clear views of the surrounding environment.
  • Styleguard systems meet and surpass safety standards.
  • Orders can be customized in accordance with local
    safety codes.

Styleguard Systems Glass railings are sleek and sophisticated and often used in contemporary design of museums and corporate offices. 

Our glass railings also open up outdoor environments on multi-leveled beach houses and public viewing decks, and provide much needed wind resistance.

Styleguard believes that glass railings are a clear choice for many applications. Think balcony. Think staircase. Think high-rise terrace. Think making the most of the view and experience.

Glass railing systems lend themselves well to all types of both contemporary and classic architectural design. They can both compliment or be the centerpiece of a captivating space.

Glass Railing System Design Details

Our totally transparent railing systems were designed to provide a solid and safe barrier without taking anything away from the view or the size of the space unlike many railing systems that will close off or confine and darken your space.

Glass railing systems stand the test of time both in design but also in their durability. When properly cared for a glass railing system will last for decades and decades.

All of our glass railing systems are custom ordered to fit the space they are designed for. Glass panels and clamp spacing will always be uniform. StyleGuard has many different styles and design options for both interior and exterior glass railing systems.

You can choose a posted system that separates glass panels with posts or a top rail system that includes a thick metal railing across the top of the glass panels or both.

For most customer locations we have the option to meet with a consultant on site to help with the design of your railing and best incorporate it into your architecture and space.

Our Frameless and Semi Frameless Glass Railing System prices start at just $99 per foot.


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