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Product Showcase: 6 Glass Fencing and Railing Hardware Options

Styleguard has set the American standard for the glass fencing and railing industry; but we didn’t become the clear choice for steel and glass by offering basic designs and low-grade hardware. When we started this business, we decided on certain priorities, one of them being flexibility in design and project requirements. We told ourselves that client specifications would never discourage us from taking on a project. By sticking to this value, we’ve been able to offer elegant, durable products to all kinds of clients with unique needs and desires. Here are 6 products we’d like to highlight after years of working with steel and glass across the country.

Edge Mount System for Glass Railing

These glass panels are secured by our stainless steel edge mounts, a popular choice for elevated installations. This client wanted glass railing, but was worried about compromising the surface area of their rooftop deck, so we went with an edge-to-edge railing design. These edge mount spigots are perfect for clients that prefer a minimalist aesthetic, as they provide a seamless transition from the glass panel to the surface edge. Before, this client’s rooftop had an outdated iron perimeter fence. By updating to glass perimeter, we elevated their deck’s style with a modern look and crystal clear views of the surrounding neighborhood.


Custom Cut Tempered Glass

We custom cut these tempered glass panels for a commercial railing project. One of the benefits of being a glass manufacturer and installer (besides being able to offer outstanding prices) is our ability to perform custom cuts to a tee. This client had very specific needs involving large 5-foot panels cut with stepped centimeter-to-centimeter accuracy. We were happy to work with these specifications, and helped the client decide on a top-cap railing design, powder coated in a sleek stealth gray color. When it comes to custom tempered glass panels, no project is too specific. We hand-cut all of our glas panels to exact specifications. When surveying the site for a custom project, we take extensive measurements and notes. Back at the warehouse, our glass cutting specialists hand cut ½ inch-thick glass panels to your precise requirements.

When it comes to getting accurate results for nuanced projects like this one, your best bet is having a single party do the surveying, measurements, and glass cutting. This leaves far less room for error from miscommunications between manufacturer, supplier, and contractor. At Styleguard, we do it all.


Frameless Glass Fencing

Our frameless glass fencing is by far our most popular fence design, especially for outdoor projects—both ground-level fences and rooftop railings. It is a classically simple choice, designed for both elegance and strength. Complete with 2205 marine grade stainless steel clamps (also called spigots), this fence design is both stylistically gorgeous, practical, and engineered to withstand the brute force of hurricane winds without a budge. For this project, we replaced an outdated white vinyl fence, creating a crystal clear boundary between their yard and backdoor walkway. The fence is completed with a frameless glass gate with custom, slow-closing hinges. With this self-latching gate option, you can effortlessly access your backyard or pool area without worrying about the glass slamming shut behind you. This gate design also comes with a lockable key entry, so you can prevent children from getting into your pool area unsupervised.

Glass makes for a beautiful application with almost all architectural home styles, but this is especially true for our tried and true frameless glass fencing. The most classic option for those looking to install a glass pool fence, our frameless glass fencing is the go-to choice for adding a touch of sophistication to your home—not to mention, installing glass systems like this one is one of the best ways to boost the value of your property!


Posted Glass Perimeter Gate

This is a prime example of a posted glass pool gate with a lever lock in stainless steel. One of our more traditional glass gating options, this design features a conventional locking system for ergonomic convenience and a self-latching design to exceed safety standards. Great for both high-traffic areas and reliable security, this gate can be locked by key or left unlocked for quick access. The rest of this fencing system includes our stainless steel marine grade spigot clamps, so the fence remains beautifully frameless while satisfying this client’s desire for a posted glass gate. The posts and clamps can be color customized with durable powder coatings, though most clients prefer the classic stainless steel option.



Custom Colored Glass Railing Posts

This client chose our posted glass railing system. Although framelessness is one of the most desirable aspects of glass fencing, sometimes the best choice is to compliment the serenity of a clear view with a stylish posted system. We powder coated these posts in obsidian black for a bit of contrast, complimenting the crystal clear view at this client’s waterfront estate. We use powder coating for all of our alternative color options as it is far superior to simply painting metal products, for many reasons. Powder coating ensures the long-lasting durability of the post’s color, protecting the style of your fence for years to come, parallel to the strength of our tempered glass.


Standoff Pins

Here, we used standoff pins to complete a commercial glass project for a local office in Los Angeles. Glass partitions like these instantly give an updated, modernized look and feel to offices, museums, resorts, libraries, and similar buildings. Claustrophobic drywalls were removed from this office’s second floor in favor of our sleek glass panels that open up the area, providing visibility to the staircase, and an unobstructed view from one side of the office to the other. Similar to our edge mount systems—often used in outdoor settings—these standoff pins give a seamless, edge-to-edge consistency between glass panels and the surface that supports them. This system is complete with a custom stepped glass banister, and our specialized slow-closing hinge and lock system at the top of the stairs. This particular hinge is a popular choice for glass gates and doors. Its minimalist aesthetic makes it a perfect option for both indoor and outdoor glass fencing systems.

Interested in upgrading your home or business with glass fencing and steel railing systems? If so, Styleguard is the clear choice. Contact our Tampa, Florida office or our Los Angeles office straight from our website, or give us a call at 855-487-8953 to learn more. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Elegant glass fencing is just a call away!

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