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The Benefits of Glass Fencing: One of the Smartest Ways to Upgrade Your Home

Safety, beauty, and function are only a few reasons why architectural glass has become extremely popular. As glass continues to become the go-to material for residential and commercial properties, more and more homeowners are deciding to leave their traditional fences behind.

In this article we’ll touch on some of the best aspects of glass pool fencing and explain why it is such a great alternative to other fencing models. Specifically, this article will be focused on Style Guard glass–the nation’s highest quality glass panels, produced right here in Los Angeles, California. 

So, what makes glass fencing so great?


When it comes to renovating or remodeling our homes, a top priority should always be in terms of quality. Taking the time to plan and design your renovation can be stressful and may interfere with other aspects of your life. Investing time, energy, and money in updates is all the more reason why the outcome should leave you fully satisfied and confident in the changes you’ve made to your home. Of course, the same is true when it comes to investing in real estate to renovate and resell properties.

Glass fences are a fantastic way to add value to any residential or commercial property. This makes it all the more genius an addition to our own homes, as well as our investment properties. The visual and functional quality of glass systems is second to none, and is sure to leave you ecstatic about the outcome of your renovations. Thus, choosing to install glass fencing or railing is really an investment in finances as well as your lifestyle. Our steel and glass systems will stay sturdy and pristine for decades. This means that, should you decide to sell your home, glass will practically pay for itself, while cultivating a beautiful and spacious atmosphere in the meantime.

A quick Google search will often show you that glass fencing starts at $140 – $170 dollars per linear foot, but that’s just not true. At StyleGuard, we’re proud to offer superior, customized steel and glass systems starting at only $99 per foot! And this doesn’t mean we compromise on quality; we produce only the strongest achievable tempered glass with marine-grade stainless steel hardware. Our glass is incredibly strong, safe, and beautiful. Not only will glass add a touch of elegance to your home, but it’s also a smart money move, too!


Glass is versatile in many ways: it is superior in terms of both function and design. Our steel and glass systems are also very customizable. Crystal clear glass is a popular way to go, but you can also opt for frosted glass perimeter fences, railings, or partitions in your home if you prefer to maintain a sense of privacy. While chrome hardware pairs beautifully with the sheek look of perfectly cut glass panels, they can also be powder coated in black, white, or other colors that match your style. Moreover, sometimes people are unsure about installing glass because they’ve noticed that plexiglass and other forms of glass will often appear with a slight blue or green tint, compromising the authenticity of your clear view. On the other hand, the standard glass used for all StyleGuard systems is perfectly crystal clear. Although, because we custom manufacture every order, if a customer is looking for tinted glass of any color and intensity, we can provide that as well.

Another factor that makes glass fencing and railings so versatile is the choice between hardware options. Part of what makes glass so appealing is its inherent minimalist design–not to mention that glass pairs wonderfully with almost all popular styles of home architecture. But rather than having to stick with a single option, your ability to choose from several stainless steel and aluminum hardware options means you get the final say in the final design of your system. For example, top cap rails can be added to the top of glass railings, fences, or balustrades, providing a chic frame and more surface area to grip. Instead of the standard clamps that hold the glass up from the bottom, you may also choose to go with a continuous channel or “base shoe” that allows your glass to run continuously along the mounting surface. You can also use fascia or edge-mounts to attach your glass flush against a deck or balcony edge, taking up less room .Top clips are another example: these small clips attach to the top of your system at each juncture combining two glass panels. Some people love the look of top clips that join glass together, while others prefer the more bold semi-frameless look that comes with using full-height posts, and others opt for the classic, totally frameless look. 

Gate hardware, mounting clamps, width and height, and frames are just some of the ways you can customize your glass system. All of the different options can be combined together as well, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect look for your home.


It goes without saying that as the nation’s premiere manufacturer, distributor, and installer of custom glass fencing and railing systems, safety is our highest priority. It also goes without saying that many of our customers share this concern, and value the safety of their family above all else. When it comes to pool safety and fall hazards, there’s no better choice than StyleGuard glass.

It is a sad truth that in the United States, drowning is the most common cause of death for children ages 1 – 4 (excluding birth defects), according to the CDC. The same is nearly true for children ages 1 – 14, as drowning is the largest cause of death for this age group after motor vehicle related deaths. Knowing this, it has always been at the core of StyleGuard’s mission to provide a solution to this problem so that our young ones can be kept safe.

Glass fencing is very effective in keeping toddlers and children safe in your pool area. The same goes for pets, too. Since our glass fences are straight and flat, children and pets cannot scale them and climb over to the other side. (Our standard height for pool fences and railings is 42” (3 ½ feet), but we are able to custom design panels of any height.) 

Moreover, our slow close, self-latching safety gate is completely kid-proof. This gate uses a very nifty locking mechanism that combines a large pin and magnetic channel. When leaving or entering your pool area, the gate will close behind you, and when the glass door comes flush against the adjacent glass panel, the magnetic pin instantly locks the gate in place. This means 2 things: children and pets cannot push through the gate without reaching up to pull and unlock the pin, and the gate will always latch itself behind you, ensuring that no young ones make it into your pool area or outside your perimeter fence unsupervised. 

The “invisible” nature of glass fencing also contributes to its safety factor: you can always maintain a clear view through your fence to keep an eye on pets or kids on the other side.

We also receive lots of questions about the safety of our glass systems in terms of durability and strength. Rest assured, StyleGuard glass is dramatically strong, about 8 times stronger than most other glass. We do not work with plexiglass or cheap materials. We produce tempered, architectural glass panels that are rated to withstand 200 pounds of pressure per square inch. This goes far beyond the strength of any child or the force of any object they may use to hit the fence. On a balcony or patio, if a child were to accidentally run straight into a glass fence or barrier, the system would remain fully intact and not budge at all. Adults as well can push against and lean on our glass without coming anywhere near its breaking point. Our glass is rated to withstand a direct hit from a golf ball, too, and common backyard toys like soccer balls, frisbees, footballs, and other toys don’t stand a chance.

Overall, glass is a very safe, beautiful, and extremely practical material to consider when remodeling or upgrading your property. It will keep loved ones safe, add a refreshing air of prestige to your home, and can be customized to match your style exactly. These are only a few of the reasons why glass pool fences and balconies are a great choice. The benefits of glass stretch farther, to security, easy maintenance, and quick and simple installation.

StyleGuard is proud to be your number one choice for all steel and glass needs, from pool fences, perimeter fences, to balconies, stairways, and balustrades. We have been at the forefront of the adoption of architectural glass in the United States for over a decade. We continue to grow and serve customers all over the United States, Canada, Australia, and more! 

If you would like to learn more about Style Guard steel and glass systems, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 855-487-8953, or contact us here.

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